RAF offers new pathway into intelligence analysis

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has signed up to deliver a new qualification that will provide a clear career pathway for intelligence analysts.

The RAF has developed the new Level 3 Diploma in Intelligence Analysis with Skills for Armed Forces – the Sector Skills Council – and it is believed the qualification is the first of its kind in the military.

The qualification, which can be studied on its own or as part of an apprenticeship, is accredited by awarding body SFJ Awards.

It has been developed in response to the RAF’s need for a formal qualification for analysts working in intelligence areas such as communications, imagery and operations.

It incorporates a number of units which are designed to equip intelligence analysis professionals with the competence levels they need to perform their jobs effectively and to the highest standard.

The qualification also allows recruits to assess their competence in performing an intelligence analysis role, enabling the RAF to ensure that their employees are given quality career development support –inside or outside of an Armed Forces career.

Intelligence Analysts have a number of transferable skills such as good communication and leadership qualities, which the qualification also helps to develop.

Squadron Leader Gary Walling of the RAF Apprenticeships Management Team commented: “The RAF is committed to deliver the opportunity for all our personnel to undertake personal development throughout their service which is used to progress their Service careers and be utilised as transferable qualifications on their return to civilian life.

“This new qualification offers those in our Intelligence career fields a Level 3 diploma that will be directly transferable into and recognised by the civilian intelligence community. Given that the Intelligence Analyst career field is one of our more deployable roles, the flexible nature of the learning and accreditation process will allow work place evidence to be gathered in the most remote and austere of operating environments to support the learner; this is vital to the successful delivery of the qualification.”

Steve Batty, Awarding Organisation Manager at SFJ Awards, said: “The Diploma serves up a perfect pathway for people wanting a career in intelligence analysis. What’s more, the skills that candidates develop through this qualification can be transferred across multiple sectors outside of the Armed Forces.”

Skills for Armed Forces’ Employer Relationship Manager Zoe Scott said: “This new qualification is the perfect example of the close relationship we have with the Armed Forces. We work tirelessly to understand employers’ needs and deliver solutions to make their workplaces the best that they can be.”

Organisations such as police forces and military establishments wishing to offer this new qualification can find out more by visiting www.sfjuk.com, emailing info@sfjawards.com or calling 0114 284 1970.

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